Campground Management

Who We Are

Pocket Parks Campgrounds is a Maine-based outdoor startup creating the nation’s first self-serve commercial campgrounds & remote management platform.

Founded by Tom Tash & Zach Pushard, Pocket Parks Campgrounds is working to create a camping system that increases accessibility, availability, and affordability for both the millions of tent campers that stay outdoors each year, as well as those managing the camping areas.

Whether it is through our own Pocket Parks campground properties, or through the use of our Patent Pending automated campground management and monitoring platform, we are opening up new opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to stay outdoors.

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Tom Tash & Zach Pushard


What We Do


Camping is one of America’s true great pastimes. In a time where people are growing ever more reliant on technology and smartphones, camping participation continues to surge.

77 Million Americans are spending $24 billion every year on campsites, with 61% of these campers choosing to stay in a tent.

For the last 125 years, traditional commercial campgrounds have been slow to evolve to the ever-changing needs of their guests. For generations, tent campers have been stacked next to RVs, and what should be a peaceful stay in nature often feels like a noisy, expensive, all-night tailgate party. Our campgrounds provide a private, spacious, and quiet experience more in line with customer expectations.

What Have We Done So Far?

Our online booking system is quick and easy to use and allows guests to handpick their specific campsite.

We opened the first self-serve commercial campground in the country in 2018.

Our proprietary automated campground management platform is patent pending and will allow us to continue to scale with reduced overhead and greater control of our guest experience.

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